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Excelon B72G-2AK-AE1-RM​G Pneumatic Filter w/ Auto Drain
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Balluff S50-PR-5-C10-NN Photoelectric Sensor

SQUARE D 8536-A02S | 8536 A02 S 3Pole Starter

Omron H5CR-L Timer Module 100-240V

SIEMENS 3SE2 120-1D Limit Switch Roller Plunger

Telemecanique LC1-D163-A65 Contactor 40 Amp 600V

Phoenix Contact SACB-8/8-L-10.0​PUR Sensor

Hammond Transformer 100VA 60Hz EG2G

Vickers SV1-10-3-0-115A​C Pneumatic Valve

CUTLER-HAMMER A10BN0 Starter 3Pole 18A 120VAC Sz 0

Allen Bradley 42SRR-6003 Photoelectric Receiver 10-30VD

Allen-Bradley Pneumatic Time Delay 700-PT B

Apollo 10-604-12 Relief Valve 60psi

AVS AU931967 Pressure Switch 0-6 Bar

Honeywell SDS-C1A3HM-A8N Proximity Sensor

MTE MAX03-0410 Contactor 220-240V

Omron XW2B-40J6-7 Terminal Module I/O

Telemecanique XS1M12PA370 Proximity Switch 48VDC

Allen Bradley 100-A30ND3 Contactor 30 Amp 120V

Moeller DIL00M-G-10 Contactor 24VDC

Cutler Hammer QBHW3015H Circuit Breaker 15 Amp 3P

PASS & SEYMOUR 7803MD Motor Starting Switch

Hammond PH500MJ Transformer 500VAC

Clipper 632-5 Foot Switch 20 Amp 125-250VAC

Excelon B72G-2AK-AE1-RM​G Pneumatic Filter w/ Auto Drain

Hammond PH150CJ Transformer 150VA 480V

Hammond PH500QP Transformer 240/480V

Schmersal AZ16-12Zi-B1 Keyed Interlock

GE Fanuc IC600-CB524M Arithmetic Control

Moeller PKZM-1-4 Motor Protector 1-4 Amp

Siemens 3RV1021-0DA10 Motor Protector 0.22-032 Amp WO

Moeller PKZM0-1 Motor Protector 1 Amp

Gould CRS-500 Fuse 500AMP

Danfoss CT-10 Motor Starter Enclosure

Allen Bradley 190-CPS40 Starter 24VDC 190-P160

McGill SB-22206-W33-SS Bearing Single Roller Sealed N

Hubbell HBL320C4W Watertight Connector 20A 125V

Hubbell HBL320P4W Watertight Plug 20A 125V

Schmersal AZ-335-12zrk-M2​0 Safety Control


Leviton 3803-DHP Surge Suppressor 9.6VDC

Efector ID0038 Proximity Switch 50mm Flush

Allen Bradley 1606-XLP50E Compact Power Supply 24-28VDC

Red Lion PRS1-0101 Relay 50/60Hz 115V

Sick WT18-2P430 Proximity Switch Sensor 4 Pin M12

Jokab Safety JSBR4 Safety Relay 250V 6A

Norgren F15-000-M3H0 Pneumatic Filter 16 Bar

Dart Controls Motor Speed Pickup Pulse Generator Cable

Sprecher Schuh CEP7-EEFD Overload Relay CA7-03-43

Hammond Coil 5A 60Hz 10VAC

Square D 9001-BW72Y Single Speed Pendant Station Up/Dow

Banner RSBDSR Scanning Sensor 12-30VDC

Banner RSBD Scanning Sensor Photoelectric

Banner RSBLV Photoelectric Scanning Sensor

Banner RSBR Photoelectric Receiver 90M Range

Honeywell TP970A-2020 Pneumatic Thermostat 15-30C

Siemens 255-01117 Powermite Series Valve

Siemens 255-01121 Powermite Series Valve

Moeller Motor Protector .63A Thermal PKZM0-6.3

Moeller Motor Protector 0.1-0.16 PKZM0-0.16

Sola 23-13-060-2 Power Supply 0.8 Amp 120V

Honeywell M944B-1175 Actuator 0.69 Amp 24VDC

Oriental Motors SSP-1 Speed Control Pack

Whitey 133DA Pneumatic Valve 200 PSI

RJG T-445 Pressure Transducer 36"

Cito RFL-0606 Roto Flow 3 High Flow Turbine

HAMMOND MH750AJ Transformer 750VAC 60Hz

Omron CQM1-ID212 Input Module 12-24VDC

GE 9T51Y110 Transformer 120/240V

Square D 8502-PE5.00E Contactor 24VDC

Siemens Connector Simatic DP 6ES7 -972-0BB11-0XA0 NIB

Curtis Instruments CD701-150 Hour Counter Module

Festo MFH-5/3E-1/4B Solenoid Valve Manual Override 40-1

Allen Bradley 194E-KA20E-P11 Load Switch

Cutler-Hammer Contact Kit 3Pole Size0 Citation 6-21-3

Festo MEH-3/2-1/8-B Solenoid Valve 24VDC

Festo MEH-3/2-1/8-P-B Solenoid Valve 24VDC

Omron E2EG-X10MB1 Proximity Switch 2M

Ferraz Shawmut AJT400 Fuse 400 Amp 600V

Acme TA-2-81217 Transformer 1000VA 240V

Keyence AP-34KP Pressure Sensor

Allen Bradley 871C-DH15M30-D4 Proximity Switch 15mm W

Tri Tronics A-HSDL Smart Eye Photo Sensor

Adalet XJT-N4 Transmitter Enclosure

Sylvania 014372 Air Heater 1000 Watt

Chicago Rawhide CR1150113 Bearing Seal

General Electric Cema-CGE 114FCT-03 Safety Limit Switch

Lee-Dickens Min-320 (74416-1-1) Signal Converter Isolat

Honeywell C7127A-1049 Flame Safety Mini-Peeper

PSC 668012-001001-0​000 Barcode Scanner

PSC 668412-00100002​01 Barcode Scanner

Symbol STI30-0200 Barcode Scanner Synapse Cable

Omron H3CR-HRL S Solid State Power Off Delay Timer NE

Telemecanique RAI-CB-912 Overload Relay 9-12amp

Hubbell Twist-Lock Receptacle 30A 600B HBL2740

Karl Dungs AA-A2-4-2 (NEMA-4) Air/Gas Pressure Switch


GE Fanuc IC693MDL645E Input Module 24VDC

GE Fanuc IC693PWR321S Power Supply Module

Leeson CM24D25NZ2A Gear Motor 1/17 HP 90V

Cutler Hammer C316FNA3Q Overload Relay 10 Amp 690V WO

Sprecher Schuh KTA3-25 Motor Controller 2.5-4 Amp

Allen Bradley 100-C30L00 Contactor 30 Amp 200-240V WO

Allen Bradley 500F-BOD930 Contactor 27 Amp 600VAC

Durant 01124C Hour Counter Module

Thermo Electric K316G310 Temperature Sensor

Adalet XLR-GCH Guarded Pilot Light 120V

Banner L1 ED EX LM3 Multi Beam Photosensor 120VAC

Instrument Current Transformer 170SHT-601 600:5A


Square D 9007-C068 Limit Switch 600V

Micro Switch 6AS5 Limit Switch 15 Amp 125V

Hammond MH500AJ Transformer 500VA 60Hz

Allen Bradley 1203-SFC Serial Flash Cable 9 Pin

Allen Bradley 1786-TPYS Controlnet Connector Cable Y-TA

Hammond PH50LJ Transformer 50VA 60Hz

Thomson Industries Inc SPB10 Ball Bushing

Allen Bradley 100-C30ZD00 Contactor

Allen Bradley 100-C16ZD10 Contactor

Allen Bradley 100-C37ZD00 Contactor

Thomas & Betts SH716HMV Hood Enclosure Side Entry

RJG T-CNT12-D Connector Cable PLC Low Voltage

Grand & Toy 99236 Laser Printer Cartridge

Sylvania M1000/TRI Magnetic Ballast Kit

Electro Project MC-64 Controller Board 250VAC

Omron WLD2-LD3 Limit Switch 24VDC

Advance 71A60A1 Ballast Transformer 1 Amp 480V

Allen Bradley 1492-SP3D300 Circuit Breaker 30 Amp

Dongan ES-10145.391 Transformer 120V

Rex 3PR-0011C5H Line Reactor 600V

Numatics 239-1229 Terminal Strip 1-16 w/o DIN

Cutler Hammer E50SAN Limit Switch 120VAC

Timken 28314XD Tapered Roller Bearing Double Cup

John Crane Inc. B48167 Seal Assembly Kit


POTTER & BRUMFIELD CDD-38-30003 Time Delay Relay

SMC VHS50-N06-Z Pneumatic Valve w/ 3-way Lockout

Rees 01461-202 Push Button - Mushroom Plunger Switch

Red Lion Instruments PAXLC6 6-Digit Counter/Totaliz​er

Numatics 122RD100J100000​0 Assembled Dual Regulator WO

SKF 22209 E/C3 Spherical Roller Bearing 45x85x23mm N

Ferraz A70P600-4 Semiconductor Fuse

Sealmaster SFT-16T 2-Bolt Flange Bearing

SKF BC1-0314 Radial Roller Bearing

KEYENCE EH-422 | EH422 Proximity Sensor

Parker LV4NA8 Lockout Valve 1/2" NPT

INTERMEC CORP Model 40D Communication Dock

Festo ADVUL-25-15-P-A Pneumatic Compact Cylinder 15mm S

Crouse Hinds F1002-1 Conduit Adapter Receptacle

Ross 1523-C-5002 Piped Exhaust Valve 3/4"

Balluff BES 516-217-E4-E-05 Inductive Sensor

Allen Bradley 99-32-1072T9 Glass Fiber Optic Cable NE

Omron F39-JA1A-D Photoelectric Switch Cable

Omron F39-JA1A-L Photoelectric Switch Cable

Crompton 256-TPSU Paladin Module 120V

Kugel 1651-414-10 Linear Bearing

Crompton 256-TPTU Paladin Module 120V

Edwards 435-4G1 Adaptabel Vibrating Signal Alarm Bell 4

Shamrock TC1-D5011-G7 Contactor 50A 415V 25KW

Festo 14953-J-5-3/8B Pilot Valve 10 Bar 145 PSI - 5 Way

SMC CKZ-63A027 Pneumatic Clamp Arm

Paragon Electric TS-101 Temperature Timer 24V 60Hz WO

Parker 04F30C2108ACF4C​05 General Purpose Valve

Omron E32-TC500 Sensor Cable 5M

OMRON E3X-NT51 Autotune DC Amplifier Timer

DGA EUD5U9BRI4290 Video Card

Filtrec RHR240G10B Filter Insert CDJ-D/D

Ross 663K77 Flange Kit CF-SZ8-1


Brisk Heat CENTMOD-F Ethernet Module

Arktite Crouse-Hinds AR347-M72 Plug

Isliker Magnete GE-40-08-5 Solenoid Valve 24VDC

SMC MHC2-10S Angular Pneumatic Gripper

Edwards SIGA-270 Pull Station Fire Alarm

General 509-271P Diaphragm Seal

Astro 3-Speed Circulator Valve 250CI

GE Fanuc IC693MDL731C Output Module BRAND IN BOX

Miller 030-50F-N4N Hydraulic Cylinder

Parker 03.004FLP91.000 Hydraulic Cylinder

SMC CDQ2A32-100DM-X​C18 Compact Cylinder

Guardmaster Interlock Trojan5 Safety Switch 440K-T11207

Square D 9007-C64BW Limit Switch 10 Amp 600V

ITT KSB52-TA Limit Switch 20 Amp 250/480V

Omron S82K-01505 Power Supply 2.5 Amp 5VDC

Allen Bradley 802M-AY5 Limit Switch 10 Amp 600V

Sentrol 191-8Z-06K Triac Magnet 6FT

Banner BAT23S Diffuse Mode Bifurcated Glass Fiber Cable

Banner D12SN6FPQ Plastic Fiber Optic 10-30VDC Input Qui

Instrument 2SHT-1000T Current Transformer

Electrometers 7RL-501-1 Current Transformer 500A

Weidmuller PLC Terminal Rack SKHF 32 058686

SMC MGQM40-25-XC18 Cylinder Guide Slide Bearing

Martin 820A13B 13T Double Sprocket Roller

Siemens 3RV1021-1BA10 Motor Protector 1.4-2 Amp

Omron E3S-AD88 Photoelectric Sensor Diffuse

Opto22 PB16T I/O Module Rack 16 Channel

Asco Valves 302280 Solenoid Repair Kit

HPC 500125 Bi-Directional Option R4 Module AS-IS

Banner SM312F Mini Beam Infared 880NM Glass Fiber Optic

Protection Controls ACF Relay 115VAC

Protection Controls PCII UV Scanner Heat Assembly w/ Ma

Square D FA-36070 70A 3P Circuit Breaker

Hubbell 430P5W Plug 3P 4W 30A

Allen Bradley 193-EECB Overload Relay 1-5AMP 3Ph

Allen Bradley 800T-FX6D4 Pushbutton Mushroomhead Red No

Triad FS281300 Transformer Board UTRAD

Asco 106093-2 Valve 24V

Dodge PX70 Paraflex Coupling Element

SIEMENS 3TB41 10-0A Contactor 600V 18A

SIEMENS 3TB41 17-0A Non-Reversing Contactor

Moeller PKMZ0-0,63 Motor Protector 0.63 Amp

Moeller PKMZ0-6,3 Motor Protector 6.3 Amp

NUMATICS 239-1309 2391309 Input Module 8 Inputs

Signum BCDEF Video Out Control Card

Everex PWA-00081-0002 Network Card

SMC 60-600542-000 PC Controller Card

Allen Bradley 1321-3R4-B Line Reactor 4 Amp 600V

Ferraz 69152 Power Block 3 Pole 600V

Siemens 3RG4610-1AG17 Proximity Switch 30VDC

Siemens 3TF20-01-6BB4 Contactor 24VDC

Parker 01.50-J3LLU14A-​3L Pneumatic Cylinder

Asco 103-291 Spare Parts Repair Kit

Asco 99257-1 Solenoid Coil 110/120VAC

SMC NCDA1V150-0100 Pneumatic Air Cylinder

General Automation SQE10F Plug Connector

General Automation SQE20M Plug Connector

Schmersal BNS-16-12ZD Safety Sensor 100VAC

Advance HCN-4S54-90C-2L​S-G Ballast 347V 60Hz

Universal 698-L-TC Ballast 347V 60Hz

Banner SM2A312FP Mini Beam Plastic Fiber Optic 24-240VA

Asco Water Repair Valve Kit for 8210 and 8211 Series 1/

Asco 238214-005D Solenoid Valve Coil

Dehn BVT-RS485-5 Surge Arrester 918-401

York Heat Cool Thermostat 1+2 Stage 025-18920 NIB

Hubbell IN430FS2 Receptacle Female 3W 30A

Rees 00662-002 Mushroom Plunger Plastic Slo Make/Break

Square D MG24146 Circuit Breaker 10AMP 480Y/277V 3Pole

Siemens 99479 Transformer 600V 2A 200VA

Telemecanique LC1D180B7 Contactor 600V 18A

GE 9T51Y8 Transformer 480V 60Hz

Osborne U57313TF Transformer 480V 60Hz

Omron E2F-X1R5Y1 Proximity Sensor Switch Terminal 8mm F

Hammond GHOF1-12 Power Supply 1.7A 12VDC

MDI 260NO120A Mercury Contactor 60A 120V 2 Pole Coil

Telemecanique GV2-M14 Motor Protector 6-10 Amp

Brad Harrison 3R1004A20A120 Connector 12" 10 Pin

Lumberg ASB8/LED-5/4-14​-RS120M Sensor Module 8 Point

DELTA SM2-PR-2-D00-PL Fixed Focus Proximity Sensor

RS ES-1091 Hydraulic Cylinder 1.7kW

Allen Bradley 1747-BA Lithium Battery 3V 1000MAH

SSAC SIR1B10A4 Solid State Relay

Sprecher Schuh CEP7-M32-2.9-20 Overload Relay 1-2.9 Amp

Carlo Gavazzi TAD4 Current Trasnformer 40-60Hz 200/5A 4

AC Technology 973-100L Control Board RFB

Humphrey T062E1-3-10-35-​60 Solenoid Valve 120V

Telemecanique GV2-M10 Motor Protector 4-6.3 Amp

Omron D5C-1AA0 Touch Switch

Omron E2E-X10Y1-53US Proximity Sensor

Carlo Gavazzi A208120600 Delay Scan Timer

Numatics 152SS600M000061 Solenoid Valve 150 PSIG

Numatics 2000D02-04A-03 Pneumatic Cylinder 2"

Numatics 2000D02-05A-03 Pneumatic Cylinder 2"

Numatics 2000S02-03A Pneumatic Cylinder 2"

Rex CS1000HA Industrial Control Transformer 1000VA 120V

Contemporary Control EISK8-100T Ethernet Module

Molex 500811 Connector Plug and Enclosure

Kestrel USB Interface 4000 Series

Allen Bradley 1786-TPS Controlnet Connector T-TAP

Numatics 2500D0203A-03 M Series 2 1/2 Bore Double Actin

Edco V90-350-60-ST Single Stage Vacuum Pump

Asco 310388 Solenoid Valve Repair Kit

Crompton 16CU-LSUE Amperes Panel Meter 5-6 Amp

Datasensor S7-6-E-P Photoelectric Sensor M8

Siemens 6ES7-131-4BD01-​0AA0 Digital Input Module 24VDC

Fenner Trantorque 6202380 Keyless Bushing

Bimba 701-DXP Pneumatic Cylinder RFB

Hubbell IN430MS2 Receptacle Male 3W 3A

Allen-Bradley 40146-747-63 Operating Head Assembly for

Telemecanique LC1-D6511 Contactor 600V 65A

Numatics 2000D02-01A-03 Cylinder 2in Bore Double Acting

Photoswitch 40CA4-4000 Photoelectric Sensor

Micro Switch LSYAC1A Limit Switch 10 Amp 600V

Edwards Electronic Component 24V .125A 941FB

Emerson 200RB-5T4T Solenoid Valve 1/2"

SKF 22209 CCk-W33 Roller Ball Bearing

Moeller PKZM0-10 Motor Protector 0.16-32A

Keyence FS2-60P 12-24VDC Photoelectric Amp. 515603

IFM IE5090 Induct. Proximity Sensor 10-36VDC 200mA

Whitey CF3M SS-63TF8 Ball Valve

THK HSR20R1SS(GK) Linear Bearing Block

Sun Hydraulics RVIA-LEN Pressure Relief Valve

SMC NAW3000-N03BG-X​64 Modular Filter Regulator w/ Guage

Omron S82K-09024 Power Supply 24VDC 3.75 Amp

Allen Bradley 2706-NC13 Programming Cable

Sequential PS-11-0005/25GN​-1000-ID-E2D-12​V-H1-D1-B3-T4

Sequential PS-11-0005/25GN​-1000-ID-E2D-5V​-H1-D1-B3-T4 S

Balluff BES-516-324-G-E​4-C-03 Proximity Switch

Balluff BES-516-211-E4-​E-05 Proximity Switch 18mm

Baumer IFFM-08P1701/02​L Proximity Switch

PHD 3TS04 1X3X1 1/2-D Pneumatic Slide

Allen Bradley 700S-CF440KPC Relay 25 Amp

Fanuc A16B-1210-0270 Memory Board RAM

Fanuc A16B-1210-0280 Memory Board ROM

Compact Air SD212X12 Air Cylinder Double Rod

Fanuc A16B-1210-0970 Axis Control PC Board

Siemens 3RB2016-2NB0 Overload Relay 0.32-1.25 Amp

Siemens 3UA58-00-2F Overload Relay 32-50 Amp

Allen Bradley 40146-748-63 Limit Switch Operator Head

HUBBELL 430C5W 40A 3P 4W 3Ph 600V Connector

TB Woods P488M30 Synchronous Sprocket

Omron H3CR-A8 Multi-Function Timer

Browning H80Q14 Split Taper Sprocket

3Com 70-0888-1.02 Office Connect Hub 4 Port

Endress Hauser 1JDNT2HA1A Valve Sensor 100mm

Intermatic K4521 Photocell Control 15 Amp 120V

Aero Motive 5-F Heavy Duty Retracting Balancer 8'

SUNX Diffuse Reflective Side 5-160m PNP EX-22B-PN NIB

Allen Bradley 9688-1501 Cable Assembly

Advance Transformer Ballast 175W 71A55A0-001D

ALLEN-BRADLEY 509-A0D Size 0 Series B Starter

Magnaloy MES-50 Coupling Hub Assembly

Flotect L8 A42J Level Switch 125/250VAC

Dwyer 16536400 Pressure Switch W27C

Potter Brumfield EOM-1DA42-3/32 Relay 3-32VDC

Ormec Systems CBL-AT3/3 Terminal Cable 25/26 Pin

SKF 32015X/Q Tapered Roller Bearing

SKF NJ-212-ECP Roller Bearing

Lennox Auto Spark Ignition 10sec 120V 62A11 OS 142201

OMRON E3S-AT81-l Photoelectric Switch

Piab 3116087 Vacuum Switch 30KPA

Falk 1203218 Flex Hub Gear Coupling

Omron E3E2-3DY2-US Proximity Switch 100-240V 50/60Hz

Balluff BLS 16K-XX-IR-0.2-S​4 Photoelectric Emitter 11-3

Omron H7CN-XLN Digital Counter 120-240V AC 100-240V DC

Omron Retransmittion Module E53-AKF E53-C3 SAI

Fafnir PD5K-FS428 Bearing

Fafnir PD5K-FS464 Bearing

Hammond 130-3/EN9P 252L General Transformer 600V 60HZ E

Higginson Equipment 15187 Pneumatic Air Cylinder Valve

Numatics Actuator 228-690B Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 150

ALLEN-BRADLEY 872C-MM1NN7-E2 Proximity Sensor

PILZ PSS SB SUB-D3 Safety BUS Connector

Cosmicar Pentax C70612 Manual Varifocal Lens

Cosmicar Pentax C70313 Manual Varifocal Lens

Ormec Systems CBL-DEMAC2/15 Encoder Cable

Ormec Systems CBL-DEMACD/15 Encoder Cable

Pass & Seymour Power Pack 120VAC 24VDC PWP120 NIB

SMC NCDA1D150-0500 Air Cylinder 250psi

PHD AVRF-1x16-D-E-P Pneumatic Cylinder

Allen Bradley 400-DP30ND4 Definite Purpose Contactor 30

Telemecanique LC1-D18-10 Contactor 32A 380V 3 pole WO

Turck Proximity Switch 3 Wire Bi10-P30-AN6X-B​2141

ALLEN-BRADLEY 42GTF-9002-QD Photoelectric Switch

Westinghouse 9084A17G01 Contact Kit Type J

BRAD HARRISON 47410 12P Male Straight Cordset

Hammond PH250AG Transformer 250VA 60Hz

SMC IR2000-02-C Precision Regulator

Hammond Control Transformer 100VAC PH100LJ NIB

Hammond Control Transformer 75VAC PH75AG NIB

Turck BI2-EG08K-AP6X Proximity Switch 10-30VDC

DANAHER CONTROLS BR15A6 Surface Mount Timer Delay

SQUARE D 9001K11J1 Illuminated Selector Switch

Square D MG24432 Circuit Breaker 10 Amp 277V

Timken Torrington KM16 Locknut Bearing Cup

SQUARE D 8536-SD01 Series A Starter

Square D Q08-16L100DS Load Center Enclosure 100 Amp 240

Tooling Tech TC90E-075-CC2L 3/4" Endmill Bore Tool NE

MARCUS MC50A Industrial Control Transformer

Lenze 13.711.55.320 Geared Motor 220-415V

Ojiden OFLVG-S3 Foot Switch 2 Amp 24VDC

Asco 314-453 Rebuild Kit

Viconics Modulating Electric Thermostat 008-0141

Allen Bradley MSR6R/T Safety Relay Dual Channel 24VAC

Allen Bradley Z-16736 Limit Switch Operating Head Assem

Allen Bradley 871TM-BH2N12-R3 Proximity Sensor

Allen Bradley 700-HR52TA17 General Purpose Timing Relay

Graco 832503 C05 High Pressure Colour Change Valve Seri

Swagelok SS-QTM2-D-6PF Sealed Quick Connect 3/8 Inch Fe

Allen Bradley 100-C30DJ01 Contactor 50 Amp 24VDC

Turck BI5-G18-AP7 Inductive Sensor Barrel 10-30VDC NE

Automation Direct T1K-16TR Relay Module 5-30VDC

Allen Bradley 1492-CABLE010RT​BO I/O Cable Mod


Martin 2B58SDS Conventional QD Sheave

Martin 2B62SDS Conventional QD Sheave

Martin 2B94SK Quick Disconnect Brushing Sheave

Siemens Room Thermostat 50-85 w/ Wall Mount RAA40U NIB

Nachi 6208ZZE Bearing Shield

ALLEN-BRADLEY 193-BSA35 Bimetallic Overload Relay

Omron H7ET-FBV1 Time Counter 7 Digit

Allen Bradley 42EF-B1MNBE-A2 Photoelectric Right Sight

Allen Bradley 42SRL-6006 Photoelectric Diffuse Switch

Turck Ni10-P18SK-AZ3X​2 Proximity Switch 55mm

Lambda LNS-Z-5-OV Power Supply 120VAC 5VDC

GO Switch 76-13527-DBD Proximity Switch 120VAC

Allen Bradley D2NP12-D4 Proximity Sensor Switch

Allen Bradley 871TM-BH2N12-R3 Proximity Switch



IBM 256MB Hard Drive IBM-H3256-A3 3.5 HDD

Brad Harrison N03MA03144 IDC Connector Accessory

Thomas Products 437351 Flow Switch Model 1600

Thomas Products 437741 Flow Switch Model 1600

Allen Bradley 700-HX86SA17 Timing Relay 8 Pin

Rockwell Automation NSTU-SCM-115 Narrow Slot Take-Up Be

Baumer IFFM-08PH01/01L Proximity Switch 10-30VDC

Square D 9070T100D5 Control Transformer 600V


Hubbell HBL8452C Plug 50 Amp 250V

Bimba 506-DXP Pneumatic Cylinder 2.5in Bore 6in Stroke

Flairline OILF-3-1/4x3-MP​4 Pneumatic Cylinder 350psi

Flairline OILF-3-1/4x6HC-​MP1 Pneumatic Cylinder 500psi

Flairline OILF-4x8-MP4 Pneumatic Cylinder 350psi

Numatics 152SA402K Solenoid Valve

Armstrong Tools 64-352 Torque Meter IN/LB AS-IS

Ritz PS-0524OF Power Supply 100-240V

Festo MEH-5/2-5.0-S-B Solenoid Valve

Siemens 3UA59-00-1G Overload Relay 3 Amp 660V

Siemens 3UA59-00-1F Overload Relay 3.5-5.6 Amp

INA 3204-2RSC3 Roller Bearing 3/4"

Allen Bradley 836-A2 Pressure Controls

Gould 68043 Power Distribution Block 3 Pole

Graco 164747 Seat Valve

Honeywell T87N1018 Round Mercury-Free 24V Thermostat He

Honeywell R7289A1004 Plug In Rectification Amplifier

Modutec 940153-001 Panel Meter 0-100 PPM

Festo LR-M2-G1/2-10GI Pressure Regulator

Numatics 031SS6002000030 Solenoid Valve 150psi 110/120V

Wilbac 18025 Analog Milliammeter Panel Meter, Model-2"

BALLUFF BES 516-324-E0-C-03 Proximity Sensor

FAG 2210TV.C3 Self Align Ball Bearing

SMC VV5Q11-08C6FU0 Manifold Assembly 8-STA Pneumatic In

REX Control Transformer 50VA 600/120V CS50JA NIB

MICRON 36-106-992-1272 Position Transducer

MAGNALOY COUPLING M600M6518 Hub Model 600 65mmx18mm

RED LION PRS11021 Plug-In Speed Switch 115VAC

ALLEN-BRADLEY 42MTB-5000 + 42MBS-5100 Base & Sensor

MILLER MLR-051-KR012-1​75 1-3/4" Hyd. Rod Seal Cage Kit

MILLER 171-KB001-200 2" Bore/Piston Kit H Series Cylind

ABB 1SBH141001R8422 Contactor Relay 110-120V

Norgren R43-301-NNLA Water Pressure Regulator 125-400PS

Raychem JBS-100-A Power Connection Module

Norgren RM/8025/M/80 Pneumatic Cylinder 1-10 Bar

Benshaw SP0-22 Thermal Overload Relay 95NC

ATC 313A014Q1X Timing Control 120V 60Hz 10 Mins

JSMNCOUT I/O Out Port Module JC-2007 JSEDM

Numatics PS180CAN02 Pressure Switch 14.5-145psi 1/4in

GE Fanuc IC670CHS002E I/O Base 2-Tier

Horner Electric HE670IBU100 Interbus Control Unit

Telemecanique XC2-JC Limit Switch Assembly 300Vac 10Amp

Norgren F14G-4AN-AD1 Pneumatic Filter 250psi

Transfab D00050HC Transformer 120/240V

Baumer FVDK22P6101/S14​C Photo Sensor CH-8500

Baumer FVDK12P6101/S35​A Photo Sensor CH-8500

PR Electronics 2229 Power Supply 11 Pin 40VDC

Precision Digital PD690-3-14 Process Meter 115VAC

Penn P70MA-1 Dual Pressure Control 8337

Allen Bradley 1794-TBNF Terminal Base Flex Fused

Festo VMPA-KMS1-24-2.​5 Solenoid Valve Cable Module WO

Moeller ZM-6-PKZ2 Motor Protector 0.4-42 Amp

Appleton Electric Co. Cap-75 Pendant Hood Assembly WO

Schneider VM18-PN0-Q-DEMO Sensor

NUMATICS R820-03FGT Precision Regulator W/ Options

Hubbell 430P7W Plug Pin and Sleeve 30A 480VAC 3 Phase

Crouse Hinds APJ3473 Plug 30A 4W

Crouse Hinds APJ3475 Plug Receptacle 30A 4P

Crouse Hinds APJ3373 Male Plug 30A 3W 3P

Appleton ADP3044 Plug 30A 4W 4P

PARKER 925572 Hydraulic Filter

Humphrey D2040RH Solenoid Valve 120V 50/60Hz

NUMATICS R820-03F Air Pressure Regulator

Browning 3B5V46 Split Taper Sheave 3 Groove 4.88in NE

Kurt Check M841670-03 Probe Sensor

PT&E C-1140 Probe

PT&E C-1219 Probe

Fanuc IC693MDL646C Input Module 24VDC AS-IS

Cannonball 711221 Needle Bearing Trolley Hanger

Sun Hydraulics DPCA-LEN Valve Relief Cartridge

Winters 852 Thermogauge 0-5000 PSI

Allen Bradley 800T-FXP16XD4 Pushbutton Illuminating N

ALLEN-BRADLEY 42CM-D8MPA-D4 Diffuse Laser Sensor

Hydac Hycon Division Filter RFMBN3HC165G10A

HTM FQP2-4020A-C4L Proximity Sensor 20-250VAC

Banner SUA825QD Ultra Beam Proximity Sensor 120VAC

FC-SD85L-OIL Flow Checker / Flow Control

Banner 29536 Mini Beam Receiver SM31RLQDP 10-30VDC NE

Hammond PH25CG Control Transformer 480V 25VA

SMC CM2G20-N6628-10​0 Pneumatic Cylinder

SMC CM2B20-N6628-10​0 Pneumatic Cylinder

SMC CM2B20-100 Pneumatic Cylinder

Mac Valves 45A-LAJ-DDDJ-1K​J Solenoid Valve 24VDC

Parker 71315SN2VNJ1N0C​111P3 3 Way Valve

Allen Bradley 42185-800-1-R Overload Relay Size 1


Telemecanique AC-21A40A Motor Controller Switch

PP 0511 PC Terminal Board 488700

Allen Bradley 100-A12ND3 Contactor 12 Amp 120V

Allen Bradley 800Z-GL3 Zero Force Touch Button


Allen Bradley 800T-K2AAXX Pushbutton Flush Head

HONEYWELL H7506A1002 Room Humidity Sensor

Norgren 9504600-0801-D Solenoid Valve 24V 16W

ALLEN-BRADLEY 6189-1DIMM32 Memory Module 32MB RAM

Simpson Meter AC Amperes 0-25 02590 1257 NIB

Baumer FHDK-10P1101/KS​35 Proximity Switch

Square D 8502-DN8.01 Contactor 20A 110V 4 pole

Festo ADVUL-32-40-P-A Compact Cylinder

Numatics 082SS415M056M61 Valve Double Solenoid

Balluff BES516-118-BO-C Proximity Switch 10-30VDC

Balluff BES516-359-E4-Y Photoelectric Sensor

Balluff BES516-359-S4C Photoelectric Sensor

Balluff BLS16K-XX-1R-0.​2-S4 Photoelectric Emitter

Balluff BOSS50-PA-5-C21​-PP Photoelectric Sensor

PHD INC. DHVRF1 1/8 X 1/2 Double Rod Tie Rod Cylinder

Seeka FR505 Fiber Optic Photo Sensor

SunX FX-311P Fiber Optic Amplifier 9DFZ

Allen-Bradley Guardmaster Safety Switch 440E-A13079

Parker 04F30O2104ADF4C​05J Valve

Balluff Proximity Switch Unshielded BES-516-356-BO-​C6

Festo Electric Proximity Switch SMT-10F-PS-24V-​K0

Phoenix Contact 5512043 PLC Adapter Plug

HAMMOND PH250AJ Control Transformer 250VAC

HAMMOND PH500AJ Control Transformer 500VAC

Allen Bradley 440R-P23069 Safety Relay 24VDC

Plannenberg PF-1000 Fan Filter Exhaust 115V

Sprecher & Schuh CDP-A2P40A-24 Contactor 40A 24VAC NE

WHITE-RODGERS 770-3 Air Switch

Banner T18SP6FF100Q Photoelectric Diffuse 100mm Range

Bellofram 10-HR Pressure Regulator 150 PSI

Square D 31041-400-062 Coil Size 0 600VAC

SMC VX3345V Solenoid Valve 1.3x10 Pa


Allen Bradley 871TM-DH5CP18-A​2 Proximity Switch 5mm N


Air Gage Co. 79BG-101 Electron I Column 100V 10VA

Allen Bradley 42GRU-9000-QD Photoelectric Sensor Series

Robotron 473-0-0419 PLC Module Board

Sunx FX-101P Photoelectric Sensor Output

BAUMER ELECTRIC FEDM 08P1200/S35L Proximity Sensor

Cutler Hammer E50SG Limit Switch 600V

IMS MDOP2222-4 M-Drive 23 Motor Controller

Phoenix Contact 2866310 Switch Mode Power Supply 24VDC

BALLUFF BES 516-207-BO-E-03 Proximity Sensor

Festo ADVUL-16-20-P-A Compact Pneumatic Cylinder

Gould A70P300-4 Fuse 300AMP 700V

Disc EC8210000 Rotary Shaft Encoder Only

Schrack MR306115 Relay 115VAC 50/60Hz

Allen Bradley 800T-FXTQ24RA5 30.5mm 2Position Push-Pull

OMRON E3S-AD17 Photoelectric Switch

Banner Q23SN6RQ Receiver 8m Range 10-30VDC Input Quick

Hubbell HBL430CS2W Pin and Sleeve Connector

SMC Valve Sol/Pilot 110VAC 0.15-1.0MPa NVFS4400-3FZ

Amptrap AJT-17-1/2 Fuse 17.5AMP 600V Class J Time Delay

Microswitch 50FR2-3 Reed Switch Micro

Allen Bradley 800H-PR16R Pilot Light 30.5mm Red

Allen Bradley 800T-FXNQ24GA7 30.5mm Type 4/13 3Position

Banner SM312LVQD Photoelectric Sensor 10-30VDC

Allen Bradley 800A-M2HC4LC Momentary Pushbutton Stab Ty

Hubbell HBL430CS2W Pin and Sleeve Connector

Hubbell HBL430CS2W Pin and Sleeve Connector

Allen Bradley 100-C12DJ400 Contactor 12AMP 24VDC

Allen-Bradley Enclosure 1 Hole 800H-H1Z4

Allen Bradley 800T-FXP16XA1 Pushbutton Illuminating N

Barksdale 9617-4 Pressure Switch 125/250/480 VAC 15AMP

STI SR103AM Safety Relay 24VAC/DC 3NO/1NC

Festo JMTH-5/2-7.0-S-​VI Solenoid Valve 5/2 Bistable W

Numatics 082SS43AM019M Double Solenoid Valve 25AMP 24VD

Koyarei Air Valve 100VAC 0.2-0.9mPa 250E1-11

ALLEN-BRADLEY 836T-T253J Pressure Control

Omron Proximity Switch 24VDC 2M E2E-X1B1

Syron M10 Nut Detector SMR37010

CONTROL CONCEPTS IC+202WL Active Tracking Filter

Pepperl + Fuchs FE-ITS6S-5 Fiber Optic Cable


RG 90436600K Hot Surface Ignitor Kit

Numatics L23BB552B000061 L Series Solenoid Valve

Festo JMFH-5-1/8 Solenoid Valve 1/8 Inch Typ8820

Allen Bradley 800T-PB16 30.5mm Type 4/13 Pushbutton Ill

Allen Bradley 800T-QB24WD1 30.5 mm Type 4/13 Pushbutton

Omron 3G2A9-BAT08 ROHS Compliant 3.6V Battery

Cutler Hammer 8251B-6501 Photoelectric Time Delay Logic

Cooper Standard Mini-Tek 824-NLG-TD10-T Liquid Level De

VEEDER-ROOT 166736-014 6 Digit Analog Counter

Starrett Micrometer 0-1" M85

Mitutoyo Micrometer 0-1" .001"

GE FANUC IC693MDL645D Input 24VDC 16 PT

Trane T872-A-1113-1 (7721) Class-2 30V Temperature Cont

SMC Solenoid Valve 24 VDC 30-SY5140-5DZE SMC Sol

Allen-Bradley Digital I/O Module 1492-CAB010C69

Cefco CRN-350 Fuse 350AMP 250V Dual Element

Hoffman AL2CR Key Lock Latch Kit

Micro Switch LSA-5A Heavy Duty Limit Switch Actuator AC

Moeller PKZM-1-0.6 Overload Relay 0.6-1 Amp

Festo Inductive Proximity Switch SMT-3-PS-SL-LED​-24B

INA NKX-30-Z Bearing

Allen Bradley 1794-ADN Devicenet Adapter 24VDC/PS

OMRON E2E2-X5MY1-US Inductive Proximity Sensor

Carlo Gavazzi RA6050-D16 Solid State Relay Zero SW 600V

Omron E5C2-R20J Temperature Controller 100/110 120V N

RHP 3306B-2RSTNC3 (RN AR3N5) Bearing

Tempsonics DCTM-1406-2 Temperature Control Box

Allen-Bradley Pre-Wired Cable I/O 1492-CABLE010F NIB

Banner SM2A912LVAGQD Photoelectric Polarized 250V

Rexnord KFXS216 Link Belt Flange

Grand & Toy 99394 Laser Printer Cartridge

Allen Bradley 42EF-U2RFB-G4 Rightsight Standard Retro

Banner 32255 Quick Disconnect Touch Button

Farmington Engineering 8825NN020S.BB5 Solenoid Valve 11

Numatics 252SS500M000061 Solenoid Valve 3 Position NE

Banner SE612LB Econobeam 5m Range 10-30VDC Input

Lem LA-305-S Current Transformer

Omron S82J-10024A Switch Mode Power Supply 24VDC

Banner SM312CV2QD Photoelectric Sensor 10-30VDC

Siemens 3RT1035-IAK60 Contactor 25A 110/120V 50/60Hz

Allen Bradley 800T-K2AAXX 30.5mm Type 4/13 Selector Pus

Banner S18SN6FF50Q EZ Beam Fixed Feild 50mm Range 10-30

Siemens 3RB2036-1QB0 Overload Relay 25A

Allen Bradley 100-C12ZJ10 Contactor 12A 24V DC

OMRON E3HF-1E1 Photoelectric Switch 12-24VDC 2M

Federal Pioneer CE1015E Circuit Breaker 15A 347V 1 Pole

Moeller PKZM1-2.4-NA Overload Manual Disconnect

Omron E3S-DS5E11 Photoelectric Switch 24VDC

Numatics 123BA43CMN00061 Pneumatic Valve

Festo Electric Cylinder Compact ADVU-25-15-P-A

Banner SM312CVQD Mini Beam Visible Red 650NM Focal Poin

Banner SBDL1 Photoelectric Diffuse 3/4 W

TURCK BiM-KST-AN6X-V1​131 Position Sensor

Phoenix Contact Sensor Box SACB-8/8-L-10.0​PUR

Herion 2102533X1 Directional Solenoid Valve

Martin 6018-2 Coupling Roller

Martin 6018-1-5/8 Coupling Roller

Allen Bradley CC-278 Coil For Starter/Contact​or 575/600

Allen Bradley 800H-4HZ4R Pushbutton Enclosure 4Hole wit

Turck BI-1.5U-EG08-AP​6X-V1131 Proximity Sensor

Lexmark 15G041Y Yellow Laser Print Cartridge

Allen Bradley 872C-A10N30-A2 Proximity Sensor

Omron E3S-AT41-L Photoelectric Sensor (Emitter Only)

Generic TRC-14001 PC Control Board

Baumer FSE-200C4001 Fiber Optic Sensor RA

Turck Ni10-P18SK-AN6X​2 Proximity Switch

Cutler Hammer E51-SCN Photoelectric Switch Body 120V

Allen Bradley 800T-T2H3 Toggle Switch 2 way

Sylvania KTM4-38 Pushbutton Kit for TM3 & 4 Starter N

Lutze 722732 Power Supply 24VDC

Psytronic P1301 Surge Suppressor 1PH 120V

Asco P8262C2 110/120V 50/60Hz Solenoid Valve

Milltronics TS-2 Temperature Sensing Probe

Microswitch DT-2RS1-A7 Limit Switch Double Pole 10A W

Festo KPE-12 Clamping Unit

Brad Harrison Orange Safety Plug Receptacle 43301

Schneider XUN0ANSNM12 Photoelectric Sensor

Schneider VM1-PN0-Q-DEMO Proximity Sensor

PT&E C1219-1 Probe

Skinner V9-60-5026 Components Parts Repair Kit

White Rodgers 2509-258 Solenoid Gas Valve 24VAC

Omron Proximity Switch / Sensor 12-24VDC E2FM-X2B1-M1

Pepperl Fuchs Proximity Switch NBB2-12GM60-WS-​V12

ALLEN-BRADLEY 1746-IO12 Series B I/O Module

Schrader Bellows 41001-1115 Solenoid Valve 4 Way Single

SKF 6013-2RS1/C3 Ball Bearing

Bussman LPJ-150SP Fuse 150AMP 600V Time Delay

Fag 22208E1-C3 Bearing Spherical

SMC ZSE1-T1-55 Vacuum Switch 12-24 VDC

Turck BI1.5-EG08K-AP6​X P4A Proximity Switch

Banner Q23SN6R-W/30 Receiver 8m Ranger 10-30VDC Input

Banner SBLVAG1 Multi Beam 3/4 Wire Scanner Block Retro

Banner SBRF1 Multi Beam 3/4 Wire Scanner Block Receiver

Allen Bradley 800T-Q12G Pilot Light 30.5mm Type 4/13

Allen Bradley 800T-QB24R 30.5mm Type 4/13 Pushbuttong I

Allen Bradley 800T-FXNP16XA7 30.5mm Type 4/13 3Position

Hubbell HBL2733CN Twist-Lock Connector PLug 30AMP L16-3

Omron E35-GS3-E1 Proximity Sensor

Omron E3X-A11 Photoelectric Switch 10-30VDC

Banner BT26S Diffuse Mode Bifurcated Glass Fiber Cable

Siemens 3VE1-010-2G Starter Protector 1-1.6AMP 1NO/1NC

Heim SFG16 Metric Rod End Bearing

Heim SFLG16 Metric Rod End Bearing

Omron E3S-5DE4 Photoelectric Sensor 12-24V

Allen Bradley Z-34039-R Contact Kit

Davis 7714 Passive Radiation Sheild Kit

Sun Hydraulics RPGC-FAN Relief Valve Cartridge 100-3000

Tsubaki H80Q14 Split Taper Sprocket

Peltor HTM7F-07 Digital Workplace Headphones

Eagle Signal HK520A6 Time Totalizer 120VAC

Honeywell C437D-1005 Gas/Air Pressure Switch

ALLEN-BRADLEY 802T-HTP1 OilTight Limit Switch

CSA RS4-L Proximity Sensor E120812

Barksdale D1H-A1500SS Actuated Switch 150 PSI


BRYANT DC300 DC-300 Controller Board

KFPS KB-LS02N-C Photoelectric Switch 10-30VDC

Siemens Parameter Board 6SN1114-0AA01-0​AA0

Red Lion PRS11011 Plug In Speed Switch 115VAC

Numatics Reed Switch NC 120VAC/DC 20VA 1A

Liebert System3 Front Display

PCB 823033 | ECD-94V Processor Board

Allen Bradley 802T-APN Oiltight Limit Switch

Cutler-Hammer STD. IND. Light 120V 1025T181N NIB

Edwards 50-R Red Adaptabeacon Light 120V 60Hz

Telemecanique XSAA10511H7 Proximity Switch 120V

Dong-A HMUF10 Contactor 13 Amp 110V Coil

Ferraz Shawmut AJT150 Fuse 150 Amp 600V

LG MEC GTH-40 Overload Relay 24-63 Amp

BALLUFF BES 516-324-E5-D-S4​9 Inductive Sensor

ALLEN-BRADLEY 42GRF-9000 Fiber Optic Photoswitch

Bernstein 188-UV1Z Limit Switch 10 Amp 300V

Allen-Bradley Output Module TTL 1771-OG

GE Fanuc IC693MDL645C Input Module 24VDC

GE Fanuc IC693PWR321W Power Supply Module

Allen Bradley 700-P600A1 Control Relay 600VAC


Contrinex Inductive Proximity Switch DW-AS-503-C8

ALLEN-BRADLEY 700DC-P200Z24 DC Contactor

ALLEN-BRADLEY 509-BO*-18A Starter Size 1

Rexnord Table Top Chain LF1873K2-1/4

Fanal FF4-8-DAH Pressure Switch 10 Amp 380VAC

Siemens 3VE1015-2CU00 Motor Starter 18 Amp 600V

Honeywell Remote Proportional Temp. Controller T991A

Allen-Bradley Rotary Switch X-395314

HAMMOND XF6115 6" 115V Fan Package

ALLEN-BRADLEY 871C-A10N30-N3 Proximity Sensor



VEEDER-ROOT 744386-014 6 Digit Analog Counter


Honeywell Receiver Gauge 0-200F 2% Acc. 14004904-002

Telemecanique CA3-DN22BD Relay 10 Amp 24VDC

ALLEN-BRADLEY 802T-BAP Limit Switch & Operator Head

ALLEN-BRADLEY 42GTU-9000-QD1 Photoswitch 40VDC 250mA

Western Digital WD8003E Ethernet Card

Allen Bradley 1492-CB3-G100 Circuit Breaker 10 Amp WO


EGS Hevi Duty HS1F500B Transformer 480V

Jefferson 636-2491 Transformer 500V 60Hz


Technifor Pressure Equalizing Valve 01-311P-015H0

McDonnell & Miller Pressure Sensor RS-1-BR-1

SQUARE D 9001BW73B Pendant Enclosure For-Rev

Sun Hydraulics CKIB-XCN Relief Valve

Vickers DGMC-3-Y-PK-41 Direct Check Valve

Ingersoll Rand 637219-2B1-B Regulator Rebuild Kit

Daniel Woodhead 130470056 Watertite Nema Connector 250V

Parker PCS2413-NB-100M​P Solenoid

Allen Bradley 193-BSB-22 Overload Relay 1.5-2.3AMP Bi-M

Allen-Bradley Diffuse Control 42SRP-6005

SMC Proximity Sensor SMT-10F-NS-24V-​K2,5Q-OE NIB

Allen Bradley Z-13948 Operator Head

Powers Controls Temperature Transmitter 1840028 NIB

Allen Bradley 872C-A4N12-A2 Proximity Switch

Allen Bradley 42GRP-9000-QD Photoelectric Diffuse 10-40

Tsubaki RS50 Roller Chain 10ft

Balluff BES516-326-G-E5​-Y-S49 Proximity Switch

Balluff BOSS51-PA-2-C10​-PK Proximity Switch

Infra IS39K1 Photoelectric Sensor 10-30VDC

ALLEN-BRADLEY 72A288 Coil for Contactor 480V

NMB 5915PC-23T-B30 Axial Fan 230V 1 Phase

Eagle Signal HK520A6 Time Totalizer 120VAC

Automation Direct T1K-16ND3 Input Module 16-Point 12-24

SIEMENS 3TF4411-0B 55A 600VAC Contactor

Allen Bradley 42GRP-9002 Photoelectric Diffuse 70-264VA

Honeywell R7849-1023 UV Amplifier 1.25VDC

BW Controls PNP-0013000 Type 1 Enclosure S. 1500

Guardmaster IP65 EJA Trojan 2 Safety Switch 500V 10A

Honeywell C7400-A-1012 Economizer

Banner BA1-53SMETA Fiber Optic Cable Sensor

Rees 01760-012 Mushroom Plunger Bypass Operation Switch

Allen Bradley 100-C12D10 Contactor 110V50/120V60Hz NE

Numatics 228-554B Replacement Coil 110-115V 50Hz

Modicon DI-1131-000 Input Module 115VAC

Jumo DIN-3440 Resistance Thermometer 90.239-F03

Electro Meters Q2101-JDF1port Panel Meter

Vickers 890246 (ES8) Core Tube Trinova SA-AC

Festo DNC-40-160-PPV-​A Pneumatic Cylinder

Festo DNU-16-40-P Air Cylinder 16mm

Hecon GO-478-104 Counter 115VAC

Edison MEQ20 Time Delay Fuse 20A 500V

Edison MEN5 Time Delay Fuse 5A 250V

Gould Shawmut TRSR70 Time Delay Fuse 70A 600V

Bussmann KTK-R-1 Fast Acting Fuse 1A 600V (Box of 10)

Wespro HDG22-6FSR Medium Die Grinder

Pepper Fuchs NBB2-V3-US Proximity Switch 140V

BAUMER IFRM 18P1301/S14L Inductive Sensor 10-30VDC

Moeller DIL00AM-10 Contactor

Siemens 3TK2040-7BB4 Power Relay 24VDC

Allen-Bradley Coil 110V 2A01 NIB

IMO E1H-H250 Pressure Switch 10Amp 125/250Vac 1000Psi

Pall RC0450CZ089Z Differential Pressure Switch

Pepperl Fuchs NJ2-12GM40-E2-V​1 Proximity Switch 12mm

Moeller DIL00M-G Contactor 20 Amp 24VDC

Moeller DIL00M-G-01 Contactor 24VDC

SONY CE08-3 Extension Cable for DT Probe

Melco MMF-06D24ES Fan

Allen-Bradley Operator For Selector 800MB-16HX2B A

Omron Proximity Switch 12-24VDC E2A-M08LN04-M1-​B1

Contrinex Inductive Proximity Switch DW-AS-603-C8-00​1

HTM Inductive Proximity Sensor ECS1-802P-ACS3-​PTFE NEW

SMC NAW4000-N04D Filter Regulator

Allen Bradley 21A86 Coil 120 V 60 Hz

Parker PCS2413-NB-100-​Z Solenoid



Moeller PKZM-1-6 Motor Protector 6 Amp

CUTLER-HAMMER BAB3015H 3P 15A Circuit Breaker

Moeller PKZM-1-2.4 Motor Protector 1.6-2.4 Amp

Telemecanique GV2-M03 Motor Protector 0.25-0.4 Amp WO

Telemecanique GV2-M06 Motor Protector 1-1.6 Amp

Allen Bradley 100-C16D10 Contactor 32 Amp 690V

Allen Bradley 855T-BPM25 Stack Light Mounting Base 25cm

Honeywell LSZ7A1A Micro Switch Limit Switch

Square D 9007C54B2 Limit Switch Type LP

Hubbell HBL2720SW Twist Lock Receptacle 30A 3P 250V L15

Yokogawa Panel Meter AC Amperes 0-15 250240NDND8 NIB

Microswitch 50FR2-3 Reed Switch Micro

Ferraz US6J3 Fuse Holder 60 Amp 3 Pole

Allen Bradley 42185-800-01-R Overload Relay 120-600V

SKF SY-1.7/1.6-FM Pillow Block Bearing Mount

Danfoss Type-C19 (947-4) Contactor Motor Starters Relay

Telemechanique XCS-A503 Safety Limit Switch 500V

Hammond Manufacturing SL50AG Transformer 50VA 60Hz WO

Telemecanique XSD-A605539H7 Proximity Switch

Ferraz Shawmut AJT12 Fuse 12 Amp 600V

Parker Invensys Pneumatic DX1-421-70

Omron Proximity Switch 12-24VDC E2S-W25

Omron S8VS-03024 Switch Mode Power Supply 24V

Allen Bradley 700-N400 Relay 60A 24-72V

Baumer IFRM-12P13G1/S1​4L Proximity Switch 6F

Allen Bradley 800FM-JM2 Toggle Switch Metal 2Position

Electromatic Inductive Sensor Relay SD 110 120

Allen Bradley 802T-CP Limit Switch Oil Tight 4/13

HTM FCS1-1805A-AUL3​/A Inductive Proximity Sensor

Allen Bradley 1771-HTE Encoder Termination Panel

Pass & Seymour Legrand Power Pack 120V 20A B120EP NIB

Omron E3S-AT86 Photoelectric Sensor Switch

Omron Photoelectric Switch 12-24VDC E3N-10DE11

Omron Photoelectric Switch 12-24VDC E3N-10LE11

Danotherm GRF 15/102 LFO Tubular Resistor

SMC NVFR22005FZ02T Solenoid Valve

Allen Bradley 871TM-B5N18-R3 Proximity Switch

MDI 230NO-120A Mercury Relay 30 Amp 120V

Fenwal Ignition Module 35-655905-211 601

Contrinex DW-AS-513-M30-0​02 Proximity Switch

Festo MEH-5/2-1/8-P-B Solenoid Valve 24VDC

Omron E2EG-X18MB1 Proximity Switch 2M

Bussmann LPJ-110SP Fuse 110A 600V

Bussmann LPJ-200SP Time Delay Fuse 200A 600V

Ferraz Shawmut/Amp-Tra​p 2000 AJT125 Fuse 125 Amp 600V

Numatics F32D-04C Coalescer Filter 1/2in npt

Valco 703XX436 Pneumatic Air Cylinder

Delemont SFG-16 Rod End Bearing Female

Allen Bradley 100-C09L10 Contactor 9 Amp 600V

Symbol LS4004-1000 Barcode Scanner

NCC T1K-300-462 Delay Timer 240VAC

Cutler-Hammer Limit Switch E50SB

SKF NJ-205-ECP Roller Bearing

Allen-Bradley Safety Contactor 100S-C12D14C

Omron E3X-A41 Photoelectric Sensor 2 Meter

Omron E3X-NT41 Photoelectric Sensor 12-24VDC

WEB WRS-SSAC1-250V4​A Terminal Module 250V

Crydom D2D07 Solid State Relay 7 Amp 32V

Electro Cam PS-4300-01-015 Communication Cable

Lovejoy SE38 Base Tensioner with Mounting/Idler Bolts

VICKERS 879147 Valve Coil 24VDC

Air Gage Co 02704 Variable Input Quad Module

Furnas 42CF35AF Contactor 40A 3P 120VAC

Rittal VC-3701 Vario Case Acrylic Front Door Vertically

Banner SMA915LVQD Photoelectric Beam Retro 130V

Allen Bradley 42KC-D2LPSK-P4 Photoelectric Diffuse NE

SNR 72I4-H-DU-J74 Ball Bearing

INA EW1-3/8 Thrust Ball Bearing

Link-Belt Bearings KFXS212DC 2-Bolt Bearing Flange NE

SKF 22207 Two Row Straight Bore Roller Bearing 35 x 72

ALLEN-BRADLEY 700DC-P400Z24 DC Contactor

Allen Bradley 193-TBC45 MCS Overload Relay

ASCO 099257-007D 099257007D Coil

ASCO 99-257-3D 992573D Coil

Omron Power Supply 100-120VAC 50/60Hz 1.4A S8E1-05024D

Sylvania HW-240-48-A-2 Capacitor 24MFD 480V

Master Pneumatic E100-2 Hydro Jector Float

Master Pneumatic F100-4 Mist Lubricator

INA 3208-2Z Ball Bearing 80x39x20mm

Philips ECD-120-3/32-T Ballast 120/127V 60Hz

Allen Bradley 1492-SP3D050 Circuit Breaker 5 Amp

Gould US6J3I Fuse Block 60 Amp 600V

Hammond PH500MQMJ Transformer 500VA

Asco 8210 Rebuild Kit

Global Power Supply 5V@6A 100W GHOF 2-5

SMC VQC4400-5 Solenoid Valve Plug-in Metal Seal

Numatics 062BB415M000061 Solenoid Valve Dbl 2 Pos 4 Way

Rexroth 5420850020 Poppet Valve 24VDC

Allen Bradley 140M-C2E-B40 MPCB Standard Magnetic Trip

SealMaster MSC-16 Bearing 1 Inch

Festo DGP-80-PPV-A-B Pneumatic Sealing Kit

BAUMER IFRM 18P1701/S14L Proximity Sensor

TELEMECANIQUE LA2-D22-A65 Time Delay Module

Namco EA15030014 Limit Switch 480 VAC

Vickers DGMFN-3-Y-A2W-B​2W-41 Control Valve 4500 psi W

Martin 35B17SS Stainless Sprocket Roller

Martin 50B19F-1-1/4 Sprocket Roller

Edwards 340A Adaptabuzzer 120V Audible

Thomson Industries SPB16 Super Pillow Block

Festo MFH-5-1/4-B Solenoid Inline Valve 145 psi

Balluff BES 516-345-M0-C-05 Inductive Sensor

Skinner 08F22C2140AAF4C​05 Solenoid Valve 2Way 120VAC 1/

Numatics L22BB652B000061 Valve 14.5-145psi 1-10bar WO

Edwards 340-4N5 Audble Vibrating Bell

Edwards 340A-R5 Audble Vibrating Bell 250VAC

Festo SMTO-4U-NS-S-LE​D-24 Proximity Switch w/ Diode N

Bimba FO-700.75 Cylinder Flat 3in Bore .75 Stroke

Moeller PKZM-1-10 Starter 6-10 Amp

ASCO SA30A Tripoint Pressure Switch

SMC CDQ2A50-75DM Compact Cylinder

SMC CDQ2A50-100DM Compact Cylinder

OMRON H7EC-NV Totalizer Counter 4.5-30V

Parker 15F1PEA 1/4 Inch Filter Pulse Drn/B. Guard

Numatics DABN-00G1C-AWA0 Cylinder 3in Bore .75 Stroke

Parker 04F25C2122CAFGC​05 Solenoid Valve 120V

Allen Bradley 800P-1S1AR Palm Stop Switch 600V

Crouse-Hinds APJ-3463 Plug Receptacle 250VDC

Festo MFH-5/3-B-1/8-B Pneumatic Valve 3-10bar 40-145psi

Banner SE61RQD Photoelectric Scanner

Numatics 228-703B Pneumatic Solenoid Valve 150 PSI G-Ai

Banner SMI912LVQD Value Beam 10-30VDC Input Quick Disco

Veeder Root KA-13-A Electro Mechanical Small Reset Coun

Carlo Gavazzi EI1805-NCAS Proximity Switch

CUTLER-HAMMER C25DND230B Definite Purpose Contactor

Allen Bradley 1494F-L4 Door Hardware Kit

OMRON E3S-DS30E4 Photoelectric Sensor

Eaton PW3105-500 Stanby UPS Module 120V

IFM 0GH580 Photoelectric Sensor Diffuse

Allen Bradley 802T-NPTP Limit Switch Oil Tight


Cutler-Hammer 12100A6517 Photoelectric Cable

Weidmuller 992889-0015 Power Supply 1.5 Amp 15VDC

Weidmuller 992889-0024 Power Supply 1 Amp 24VDC

Baumer IFRM-08P17A3/S3​5L Proximity Switch

Allen Bradley 440K-T11204 Trojan 5 Safety Switch 1/2 NP

Banner D11E2P6FPQ Flutter Immune Fiber Quick Disconnect

Electrometers 5RL-401-1 Current Transformer 400A

Aladco 322501 Nu-Check Valve 1/4 NPTF No Override

Siemens TI305-20N Input Module 115VAC

Numatics 2500D02-12A-03 Cylinder Double Acting Rear Piv

Allen Bradley 800T-D9A 30.5mm Type 4/13 Non-Illuminati.​..

Timken 23690 Tapered Roller Bearing

Siemens 3RV1021-0HA10 Protection Module 0.8 Amp

ALLEN-BRADLEY 889D-F8AB-15 8Pin 15M Cable

Omron 3G2A3-PS221 Power Supply 1.5A 24VDC

Omron E3S-AR36 Photoelectric Sensor Retroreflective W

Thompson SSU12WW Super Smart Ball Bearing

Automation Direct D3-08NA-1 Input Module 120VAC

Allen Bradley Z-34039 Contact Kit 1 Pole

Siemens 3TF30-10-0AC2 Contactor 9 Amp 24VAC

Banner IA22S Fibre Optic Cable

Banner SM2A312WQD Mini Beam Sensor

Banner SM312DQD Mini Beam Diffuse 380mm Range 10-30VDC

Festo DSNU-16-160-PPV​-A Pneumatic Cylinder

Hubbell 21414B Connector 30 Amp 3 Pole

Mueller Bi-Directional Ball Valve A 17261

Westinghouse Electric AR440A/766A025G​01 Control Relay 1

Moeller PKMZ0-0,25 Motor Protector 0.25 Amp

Siemens 3RV1021-1DA10 Thermal Overload 2.2-3.2A

CUTLER-HAMMER E26BFV4 Tower Stack Light Base

Beckhoff C9900-K116 CP-Link Cable 10m

Lumberg RK100M-699/6F Cable Cordset 6FT

MDI 330NO-220A Mercury Contactor 120V

MDI 330NO-220A Mercury Contactor 220V

Parker LC2LB4150 Solenoid Valve 120/60V

Siemens 3RT1944-6A Contact Kit for use with 3RT1044 W

Siba 50 192 06 Ceramic Fuse 600V w/ Mount 21 189 08 N

Alco Controls Suction Line Filter Drier ASD-28F3 NIB

Avdel 74200-12091 Threaded Insert Power Tool Stud Nose

Allen Bradley 800T-1TZ Die Cast Enclosure Type 4/13 N

Square D FA17015A Circuit Breaker 277V 15A

Omron STI 44531-0200 MC-S2PC2 Safety Interlock Switch &

ALLEN-BRADLEY 42GRF-9000 Fiber Optic Photoswitch

Asco 302-280 Solenoid Repair Kit

Allen Bradley 800T-J631 30.5mm Type4/13 3Position Cylin

Warner Electric 905-00-017 One Shot Power Supply 160VDC

SquareD 8502-PG3.00 Series A 3-Pole Contactor

Jefferson 637-291 Transformer 120V 60Hz

Allen-Bradley Safety Contactor 100S-C09D14C


Telemecanique LC1-DT20BD Contactor 600V 20A

Fag 751213.522249.P​6 Ball Bearing

Cutler Hammer BAB3100H Circuit Breaker 100 Amp 240VAC

Circuit Test CFA11515055HB Fan (Plastic Impeller) 115VA

Allen-Bradley Input Module 24VDC Sink 1734-IB4

Crompton 8SHT-152 Current Transformer 1500:5

Humphrey T062E1-3-10-35 Intermittent Coil 12DC

Marcus MO350J Transformer 350VA 600V

Allen Bradley 800T-J4A 30.5mm Type 4/13 3Position Cylin

Sunx VF2-M10 Photoswitch Beam

Powerfist 807310 Pressure Gauge 160 PSI

Waldmann RL60C-124 Glass Flourescent Tube Worklight W

Molex 58697 Connector Plug and Enclosure

Gems 168432 Flow Switch

Allen Bradley 1492-ACABLE025L Cable for Analog Input Ou

Siemens 3TY6 503-OAK6 Contactor Coil 110/120V

Sunne Line Voltage Ventilation Control TA155-045

BALLUFF BES 516-349-E4-C-PU Proximity Sensor

GFC GFOF-M10-16 Power Supply 10-16VDC

Numatics F2CK-02A3B-AAA4 Pneumatic Cylinder 1 1/2in Bor

GFC GHOF-1-15-OVP Power Supply 15VDC

Bimba 702-DXP Pneumatic Cylinder 3" Bore 2" Stroke WO

MaxMotion KDRA55L Line Reactor 600V

Omron H5CN-XAN Timer 100-240VAC 50/60Hz

Balluff BES-516-211-E5-​E-S21 Proximity Switch 18mm AC/D

Omron TL-X5Y1 Proximity Switch 42-240Vac

SMC NCA1D200-0400 Pneumatic Actuator

Electromatic MI20 Transformer 20A

RDP S7AC Transducer Amplifier 12-36V

Allen-Bradley Inductive Proximity Sensor 871C-D1NP4-E2

Fireye/Allen Bradley MAUV1T Amplifier Module

Rexroth Bosch Cylinder 3000psi C408821-1040

THK UC3L11 Linear Bearing Block

THK UG4F47 Linear Bearing Block

SMC PS1000-UIB99011​0 Digital Pressure Switch

Mac 411A-A0A-GM-GDF​0-1PA Pneumatic Valve 120psi

Turck Bi2-G12-Y1 Proximity Switch

Mac 811C-PM-591CA-1​52 Solenoid Valve 24VDC 25-150psi

Omron E2E-X10Y2-US Proximity Sensor

DWYER 606-3 6063 Pressure Transmitter

IFM OJ5068 Diffuse Reflection Sensor 10-30VDC

Namco EA15030274 Limit Switch 125VAC

Omron E2E-X10Y1-US Proximity Switch

INVENSYS HC-201 Duct Humidistat Two Position

ROBOHAND Model: DLB16BB2 Pneumatic Slide

MOELLER T0-3-8233 6 Position Selector Switch

CUTLER-HAMMER E64CCL2C Diffuse Reflective Sensor

Allen Bradley 700S-CF440DC Relay 20 Amp

Siemens 3RB1036-2UB0 Overload Relay 50 Amp

Siemens 3UA58-00-2T Overload Relay 40-57 Amp

Balluff BES-516-3005-E5​-C-S49 Proximity Switch

NUMATICS S1AL15A1V-AAA0 Pneumatic Cylinder

NTN Bearing Units UCP206D1 Pillow Block Bearing

ECA Reflex Photoswitch Photohead 42MRU-5000

ALLEN-BRADLEY 871D-DW2NP260-D​4 Cylinder Position Sensor

Telemecanique LC1-D1810 Contactor 32 Amp

Siemens 3TH4262-0A Contactor 16 Amp 600V

Banner Photoeye Receiver 2m QH23SP6R NIB

Banner Photoelectric Fiber Optic Cable PISP46U NIB

Allen Bradley 800H-BK3A Switch Pushbutton 600 VAC Max 1

Leviton 5662-I Receptacle 15 Amp 250V

Nachi UCFL210 Cast Iron Bearing Unit

EUCHNER Safety Switch NZ1VZ-528 E3 VSE04

HARRISON BTY041P-FBE-05 Top Mount 4Port PNP 5 PVC

Numatics B063A156DX Linear Slide Cylinder

Parker N0D1D1P3 Solenoid Valve

Siemens 3VU1300-0MD00 Starter 0.24-0.40 Amp

SKF 2210-ETN9 Ball Bearing

SKF 3309A Deep Groove Ball Bearing

SKF 6313-2Z Ball Bearing

Domino L011772 Bulgin Connector Kit

VICKERS 691449 Coil-85-50254-3​2 110-120V 0.8-1A

Reliance 1234304 Suppressor

Powers Dual Temperature Set Point Thermostat 193-235

Powers Dual Temperature Set Point Thermostat 192-204

Allen Bradley 802T-AP1 Limit Switch w/o Base 10A 720V

Allen Bradley 802T-AMP Limit Switch w/o Lever 120-600V

Johnson Controls Temp. Stage Module S350AB-1C

Omron E3B2-D2-M4-US Photoelectric Switch

Allen Bradley 1771-CP1 Cable Assembly PLC5

Rees 0161-202 Red Push Button

Lennox Start Capacitor 145-175 MFD 330VAC 44A9301

White-Rodgers Thermostat Type 1F30-301

Rees 01371-012 Pushbutton Mushroom 250VDC

Allen Bradley 700-HS12AU24 Single Range, Square Base Ti

Square D Q0M-100-VHL Miniature Circuit Breaker 120/240V

Turk Elektronik B15-M18-AP6X-H1​141 Proximity Sensor N

Hammond 1414PHL6 Control Panel Enclosure

SMC NCDMB150-1200C-​B53L Air Cylinder 250psi

Allen Bradley 802T-A1P Limit Switch Oil Tight 4/13 WO

Aro Fluid Power 3925-8009-5-120 Air Cylinder

Allen Bradley 800T-QH10G Pilot Light 30.5mm Type Green

TRANSFAB DC 0150HC 150VA Control Transformer

TRANSFAB DO 0150UH 150VA Control Transformer

Balluff BES-516-326-G-E​5-Y-S4 Inductive Proximity Senso

Telemecanique LC1-D09-10 Contactor w/o Coil 3 pole WO

EEC AEG E D2-3D 3 SD-RG | D2 00/HS-NOF35-D-R​G9 Switch

Allen Bradley 43GR-TSF10ML Fiber Optic Cable

Entrelec 50441310 Rotary Switch

Allen Bradley 800EP-POT5 Potentiometer with Resistive E

Numatics 122BA43CMN00061 Solenoid Valve 150 psi

SMC AFD3000-02C Micro Mist Seperator Mod LQA

Siemens Coil 120V 60Hz/110V 50Hz 3TY74D3-OAK6

SUNX Fiber Optic Sensor FX-7P

TCI KRDA28L Drive Reactor 208/240V

Lexmark 15G041M Magenta Laser Print Cartridge

FAG 3201BTVH Ball Bearing

Allen Bradley 100-C12DJ01 Contactor 12 Amp 24VDC

Allen Bradley 800T-H2 30.5mm Type 4/13 2 Pos Sel. Switc

SICK 7026955 FGSE or MGSE to C40E 6" Connector

Lenze 13.711.35.220 Geared Motor 220-415V

Mitutoyo DP-3 Digimatic Mini Processor 10V

Warner Electric 6001-448-004 Power Supply 1.25AMP 115VA

General Electric CR7CC Contactor

Allen Bradley 800T-FXQ10AA1 30.5mm Illuminated Push Pul

Telemecanique XAP-M Pushbutton Station ZB2-B


Allen Bradley 700S-CF620ZJC Relay 25 Amp 24VDC

Swagelok 125G Valve 3/8 Inch

Swagelok 175G Valve 1/2 Inch

Turck NI2-G08-AN6X Proximity Sensor

Turck BI2-G12-AZ33X Proximity Sensor

Pepperl Fuchs Proximity Switch Inductive NBN 3-8GM30-E2

Phoenix Contact FLKM-D37-SUB/S Interface Module 37 Pos

Festo LFR-D-MIDI-A Filter Regulator 175 PSI

Siemens 3RV1011-0FA10 Contactor 0.35-0.5 Amp

Numatics 122BB500M000061 Solenoid Valve

Allen Bradley 872C-D5NP18-E2 Proximity Sensor

BOSCH 0828010323 Cylinder + 2 FESTO 150868 Prox. Sensor

SMC NCDA1B200-0400 Pneumatic Air Cylinder 250PSI

Mitutoyo MUX-10 Digimatic Multiplexer 6VA

Harting HAN-D64M Connector 10A 250V

ALLEN-BRADLEY 42KB-D2LPSG-Y3 Photoswitch Sensor

Graco 222140-69-J05B Fluid Pressure Regulator Repair Ki

Browning 3TB58 Bushed Bone Sheave Pulley

Trans-Coil Inc. KLR2DTB 3 Phase Reactor

ALLEN-BRADLEY 971Z-DW10NP30-D​4 Proximity Sensor

ALLEN-BRADLEY 802F-E68M2 Interlock Safety Switch

ALLEN-BRADLEY 440G-T27125 Interlock Safety Switch

Allen Bradley 40146-083-63 Head Limit Switch

Festo VL-5/3E-D-2C Pneumatic Valve 5/3 Way

Sola SCP30-S12-DN Power Supply 2.5 Amp 12VDC

Siemens 3TF3100-0AC2 Contactor 12 Amp 24VAC

Fanuc A03B-0807-C154 Output Module 16 PT

ALLEN-BRADLEY 802F-S62P2 Interlock Safety Switch

Carlo Gavazzi SPDT Delay On Operate Timer DAA01CM24

Allen Bradley 872C-D8NP18-E2 Proximity Switch

TURCK Bi1-EH04-AP6X-V​1331 Proximity Switch + Cable

Allen Bradley 1747-C20 Processor Cable Assembly

Allen Bradley 1756-CP3 Controllogix 5000 Cable

FESTO SIEN-4B-PS-S-L | 150363 Prox. Switch + Cable

ALLEN-BRADLEY 802T-CP OilTight Limit Switch

Redington 2-1006 Counter 6 Digit 115VAC

ALLEN-BRADLEY 800MR-U90 External Potentiometer

SMC VS7-6-FG-S-1N Solenoid Valve 4/5 Port Class 2D

Numatics 062BB425K000030 Solenoid Valve

Numatics 062BB525K000030 Solenoid Valve

Numatics 11DSA4000 (227-833) Solenoid Valve w/ Capsule

Numatrol LR3-0201 Limit Valve

SMC SV3400-5FU Solenoid Valve

HTM FQP1-4015A-C4L Inductive Proximity Sensor

Siemens 3UA58-00-2C Overload Relay 16-25Amp To Use w/ #

HONEYWELL 9PA35 Limit Switch Operator Head

ALLEN-BRADLEY 1495-N21 Auxiliary Contact Kit

CUTLER-HAMMER BAB3020H 3P 20A Circuit Breaker

CONDOR CBB-75W Power Supply 115/230VAC

ALLEN-BRADLEY 100-A12ND3 Contactor 12A 3 Pole

Norgren F08-300-A3T0 Pneumatic Filter Element 250PSIG

Sine A204-3K00-A6 Connector Kit 4 Pin

Sine A219-5K00-A6 Connector Kit 19 Pin

Sine N316-3K00-A6 Connector Kit 16 Pin

ABB A9-22-00 Contactor 230/277V 50/60Hz

Opto22 PB-24 I/O Module Board 24 Channel

Numatics P32B-06G Filter Regulator

Numatics L22L-03C Pneumatic Lubricator

SMC XTO-1719 Pilot Check Valve

SMC VGA342-10NA Pilot Air Valve

Allen Bradley 100-C30DJ00 Contactor 30 Amp 24VDC

Opticon LG2 LG-KC2G0202-01 Barcode Scanner NO HANDLE

Siemens U-08B Expansion Rack 8 Slot Base

Siemens Contactor 3P 10A 600VAC 2NO/2NC 3TB40 17-0B

Asco MP-C-080 238310-006-D Solenoid Valve

SMC VXA2-260V Pilot Air Valve

Crouzet MBA88901102 Rotary Analog Timer 24VDC

Telemecanique GV1-M07 Motor Protector 1.6-2.5 Amp

Coilhose 40014 Solenoid Assembly 1/4" Port

NUMATICS 082SA415M019M Pneumatic Directional Valve

Crouse Hinds E1016-9516 Cam-Lok J Series Connector 400A

Schneider LK3-DU3 Disconnect Switch 30 Amp 600V

Allen Bradley 1797-TPS Control Net EX Cable

Potter & Brumfield CB-1024B-78 Time Delay Relay *blue*

Potter & Brumfield CB-1024B-78 Time Delay Relay

Motor Technology Inc. 211A174 DC Motor 24VDC

KMC MCP-0355 Actuator, Bare 3" Stroke

Crydom H12WD4890 Solid State Relay 90 Amp 32VDC

Allen Bradley 1492-CABLE10B I/O Module Cable 1M

Allen Bradley 96896302 Controlnet Cable T-TAP/RIGHT W

SPRECHER+SCHUH CT 3K-12 Thermal Overload Relay

SKF 6309-2RS1/C3 Ball Bearing

Furnas 75D70233H Contactor Coil 380-440V

Parker N35441091 Inline Valve Air Pilot

ABB A9-22-00 Contactor 230/277V

Data Sensor S41-5-F-P Photoelectric Receiver 6m 10-30VD

Data Sensor S41-5G Photoelectric Emitter 6m 10-30VDC

Numatics L12BA4520018030 Solenoid Valve



SMC CQ2A50-50DM-X16​3 Cyl Air Male Thread, Actuator 145P

Mac 56C-13-591BAAA Solenoid Valve

NAMCO EA080-21100 Snap-Lock Limit Switch

Omron E2E-X2Y1-US Proximity Switch 240V

Hubbell 21415B Receptacle 30 Amp 600V

Square D FAL320-30 Circuit Breaker 30 Amp 240V

Pilz Safety Relay 0.1A-15A AC/DC S1IM 1U

RITZ Power Supply 240V 3A 24VDC 144W PS0324OF

Globe Motors D31-B10A-05W2-1​00 Fan 24VDC

Fanuc EE-1517-024-001 Cable

GFC GHOF-1-15 Power Supply 1.5 Amp 15VDC

RJG STX-25V Sensor Control Motor 25.0 Stroke

TIBEG PLC Card -15/15+V 0.3A A4690

Devilbiss JGPV-46-50 Baffle Head Assembly

Schmersal AZ16-03ZVRK-M20 Safety Switch 500V


Norgren F17-A00-M3DA Filter 250 PSI 175F

EAGLE SIGNAL PCC-7 6 Digit Counter Panel Mount

Crouse Hinds CLS Series Connector 400AMP 600V AC/DC Whi

Crouse Hinds E1016 Series Connector 400AMP 600V AC/DC R

Leviton ECT-16 Series Multiway Connector 600V 400A Blue

Leviton ECT-16 Series Multiway Connector 600V 400A Red

Leviton ECT-18 Series Multiway Connector 600V 400A Blac

Leviton ECT-18 Series Multiway Connector 600V 400A Blue

Leviton ECT-18 Series Multiway Connector 600V 400A Gree

Leviton ECT-18 Series Multiway Connector 600V 400A Whit

Danfoss 500125 Bi-Directional Option Controller

Fuji SC-2SN Contactor 100-120V 50/60Hz

Square D Telemecanique Thermal Overload LR2D3353 LRD33

Rodix FC-40 Vibratory Feeder Cube 15 Amp 120V

Balluff BES516-324-E5-C​-S4 Photoelectric Switch 8mm N

Balluff BOSS50-PH-5-B01​-PP Photoelectric Sensor

Datasensor S7-2-EP Photoelectric Sensor

SunX EX-11A Photoelectric Thrubeam 150mm

SunX EX-13EB-PN Photoelectric Thrubeam 12-24VDC

Pepper & Fuchs Proximity Switch NBN8-18GM60-WS

Asco 832062T Solenoid Valve 22psi

Brad Harrison BTY801P-FBB Top Mount Connector


Festo Inductive Proximity Sensor SIEN-4B-PS-K-L

Murr Elektronik 3827866 Bus Connector 8 Pin

Allen Bradley 871T-L5J18 Proximity Switch 18mm

Allen Bradley 871TM-DH15NP30-​D4 Proximity Switch 30mm

Allen Bradley 871TM-DH5CN18-D​4 Proximity Switch 5mm N

Omron Proximity Switch 12-24VDC 8mm E2E-X8ND1-M1G

Pepperl Fuchs NBR15-30GM50-E2​-C-V1 Photoelectric Sensor

Leviton ECT-16 Series Multiway Connector 600V 400AMP Bl

EGS Hevi-Duty E1803PB Transformer 50/60Hz

ASCO Solenoid Valve MP-C-080 238212-032 NIB

Omron S82K-00724 Power Supply Module 24VDC

PATLITE ST-T Tower Light Signal RED & GREEN

Timken Y-30212 (92H50) Tapered Roller Bearings 60mm Bor


STI 28361-0010 Guard Master Safety Switch 24VDC

Burster 9243 Amplifier Module 5-10V 4-20MA

Allen Bradley 802T-DP Limit Switch 4/13 Top Roller WO

Numatics 153SA415K Valve 11AMP 120 V


Sick PPS-AA1 Power Supply Sensor

Allen Bradley 800T-N2KF4B 30.5mm Type 4/13 4Position Se

Allen Bradley 800T-J91B 30.5mm Type4/13 3Position Selec

Allen Bradley 42KL-D1TC-G3 Photoelectric Minisight NE

PowerVolt Power Supply 24VDC 4.8A BVA-24DS4


Helios Micrometer 0-1" 1/10000

Mitutoyo Micrometer 0-25mm 0.01mm

Starrett Micrometer No. 569

DANFOSS 176B6014 DC Drive 1Phase 10A 120VAC

PILZ PSS SB SUB-D3 Safety BUS Connector

Rexnord Stainless Steel Table Top Chain A1700SS


HTM BTA23S Fiber Optic Diffuse Sensor

Allen Bradley 1492-BF Power Block Standard Feed Through

Numatics 122BB500K0000R Manifold Double Solenoid Valve

Rexnord FC225-34 Bearing 0.75",4" C/C

CONTRINEX DW-AS-711-M18-0​02 Induc. Prox. Sensor

Turck Bi5-M18-AP6X-H1​141 Prox and Valve Position Sensor

Turck BI5-G18-AN7 Inductive Proximity Sensor

Honeywell 220736B Internal Auxillary Switch Kit

Allen Bradley 800A-M2CC4L Momentar Pushbutton Stab Type

Banner S18SP6FF100Q EZ Beam Fixed Feild 100mm Range 10-

Allen Bradley 800T-D2A 30.5mm Type 4/13 Pushbutton Non-

Humphrey 4-DP-15 Cylinder Double Acting 2inch Bore WO

Honeywell C437D-1005 Gas/Air Pressure Switch

Cutler Hammer Resistor G3AP500

Allen Bradley 193-BSB30 Overload Relay 600V Max

Telemecanique XAC B9113 Booted Pushbutton Operator 10PK

Allen-Bradley Photoswitch 42GRU-9202 A

ALLEN-BRADLEY 871C-D1NP4-E2 Inductive Proximity Sensor

Square D 9007 Limit Switch B54J

Efector IN5230 Inductive Sensor Range 2mm Flush Mountab

Omron Limit Switch 480V 15A ZE-Q21-2S

Compact SFH34X12-CBSS34 Air Cylinder

Brady 710023 Minimark Ribbon White 110mm x 90m

Brady WML-211-292-1 Wire Marking Labels 1inch 250/Roll

Omron E3X-NA41 Photoelectric Sensor 12-24VDC

ALLEN-BRADLEY 1492-CABLE025RT​BO I/O Module-Ready Cable

ALLEN-BRADLEY 1492-CABLE025RT​BR I/O Module-Ready Cable

ALLEN-BRADLEY 196-FTA Pneumatic Timer

Antunes Control LGP-A M Pressure Switch w/ Manual Rese

Festo Proximity Inductor Switch SIEN-6,5B-PS-S-​L 150379




Allen Bradley 800T-FX6A5 2 Position Push Button Type 4/

Allen Bradley 40146-071-53 Rotary Head For Limit Switch

Jokab Safety Ball & Socket Mount JSM C5

Dodge Tigear MR96103L1 Gear Reducer 1750RPM

Allen-Bradley Overload Relay 18-30A 193-TBC30 B


Omron D4C-1631 Limit Switch Small Actuator Style 3meter

Siemens Connector Simatic DP 6ES7 972-0BB11-0XA0

Turck Cordsets ROHS Plug BSF 19-19-1

SMC CXSL15-20 Dual Rod Air Guide Block Cylinder

Automation Direct T1K-01AC Terminator Power Supply I/O

Parker 201401 Solenoid Coil 120V 60Hz

Omron E2E2-X5MY2-US Proximity Switch 24-240VAC

Lapp Kabel Olflex Classic 100 Cable 72913-3

Allen-Bradley Sharp Cutoff Diffuse Sensor 42CF-S15CA-A2

Gould ATOQ100-4 Fuse 100AMP 700V Semi Conductor


SMC IR2020-N02BG Regulator 1/4" Modular

Schmersal AZ16-12Zi-B1 Keyed Interlock

Moeller PKZM-1-1 Motor Protector 0.6-1 Amp

Allen Bradley 800H-FRXT6D4 Pushbutton Red 30.5mm

Telemecanique XCS-A503 Safety Interlock Switch 300VAC 1

Omron E2E2-X2Y1-US Inductive Proximity Sensor 2mm

HAMMOND XFG10 Exhaust Grill and Filter

Siemens Powers 4P FN CL 2P Man. C/O Deg. F WP RAB30UW

Amptrap AJT-150 Fuse 150AMP 600V Class J

Numatics P32B-04C-G Filter Regulator

Fag 6212-2ZR-C3 Shielded Bearing

Yokogawa Panel Meter 0-80A 250-440-LSPD NIB

NUMATICS 239-1309 2391309 Input Module 8 Inputs

Pepperl Fuchs NMB1,5-8GM65-E2​-FE-V3 Proximity Sensor 90

Carlo Gavazzi MI5 Current Transformer

SKF FYTB-25-TF Bearing 2-Bolt Flange

Fanuc/General Electric A81L-0001-0083#​3C-01 Reactor Lin

Banner Photoelectric Sensor 10-30VDC 150mA S18SP6LPQ

TELEMECANIQUE TSX DEF 812 Input Module 8Point

ALLEN-BRADLEY 889D-F5AC-10 Straight Connector Cable

Omron 61F-GP-NP Floatless Level Switch

SMC MHQ2-16D Pneumatic Gripper

Cutler-Hammer 10250T-2411 Roto Pushbutton Black Flush


Skan-A-Matic S12001 Clarostat Photoelectric Sensor NE

Skan-A-Matic S12001 Photoelectric Sensor

OMRON F39-JA1B Connection Cable

Allen Bradley 800T-J91A 30.5mm Type4/13 3Position Selec

Allen Bradley 800T-P16 30.5mm Type 4/13 Pilot Light No

Cutler-Hammer C362NR40MD Rotary Switch 40A

IFM Efector IG5497 Inductive Proximity Switch 5mm

Allen Bradley 140-MN-0240 Starter Manual Motor Series-B

Sola Solids 84-10-112 Relay Solid State 115Vac

Control Concepts IC-102 Filter Module 2.5 Amp 120V WO

Numatics A Series Cylinder Front Flange F1AK-00I1D-AAA0

Asco 302350 Solenoid Valve Repair Kit

Allen Bradley 800T-QA24A Pushbutton Extended Head Guard

Allen Bradley 800T-QB24B Pushbutton Extended Head Illum

Electromatic MI5 Transformer 5A

Omron E2E-X18MY2-US Proximity Switch 18mm

Deublin 17-025-012 Air Hydraulic Monoflow Union 1/4inch

Square D 9007-C54L Limit Switch 600V 10AMP

Ametek ANSI-B40 Pressure Gauge

Balluff BES-516-3019-B0​-C Proximity Sensor

Carlo Gavazzi EI3010NACS Proximity Switch

Moeller Cam Switch T03-8401/E-NA

Telemecanique XUG-H1401222 Photoelectric Sensor DC Ampl

Taiyo AX115CE Reed Switch 5-30VDC 16.5 FT

Sprecher Schuh Contactor 3 Pole AC COIL CA7-9-10


Copeland CP1A-3A Low Pressure Control

Siemens 6EP1322-1SH01 Power Supply 12VDC 120/230V

Melco Technology MMF-06D24M Servo Cooling Fan 24VDC N

Banner SBL1 Scanner Block Multibeam 9M

CRU Data Port HD Carrier 8511-009-9500 NIB

Allen-Bradley Compact Push Cross Roller 802B-CSDD1XSXC3

Herion 08-804-00 Pneumatic Pressure Switch

ALLEN-BRADLEY 43GR-FOS20ML Glass Fiber Optic Cable

Telemecanique LC1-D18-BD Contactor 600VAC 18A

Allenair Solenoid Valve 240/60 3CBX4B

Allenair Solenoid Valve 240/60 30AX4B

ALLEN-BRADLEY 99-504-1 Ser. C Fiber Optic Cable

Brad Harrison 103000A01F300 Cable 16/3 30FT

Brady 710025 Blue Minimark Ribbon for B-7589 Material 1

Allen Bradley 40146-013-60 Top Push Head for Limit Swit

Carlo Gavazzi SM-125-115 Voltage Level Relay 115V 50/60

Turck NI10-G18-AZ3X-B​1331 Proximity Sensor

Turck NI5-G12K-AN6X-0​.3M-RS Proximity Sensor

Balluff BES-516-325-G-E​5-Y-S4 Proximity Sensor

Square D 9422-TC1 Disconnect Switch 30A

Honeywell MicroSwitch Limit Switch 914CE28-3

SMC Exhaust Cleaner 5-60C AMC510-O6BD

SMC Exhaust Cleaner 5-60C AMC510-O6D

Square-D TUB-12 Limit Switch Class-9007 Series-C Form-L

Square-D TUB-12 Limit Switch Series-B Class-9007 Form-A

Omron E32-DC200F4 Fibre Optic Sensor Diffuse M3 Head

Graco GRA-236-853 Colour Dump Lock

Allen Bradley 42KL-D1TC-G3 Photoelectric Minisight Stan

Omron S82J-1024 Power Supply 100-120V

Allen-Bradley 1746-IB8 8pt Sink 24V Input Module CANADA

Norstar Meridian M7310 Phone Ash NT8B20AB-93

Ziatech ZT-8954-2 Floppy Disk Drive PC Board

OMRON E2E-X5ME2-M1 Inductive Proximity Sensor

Allen Bradley 800T-H33D1 Cylinder Lock Selector Switch

ETI DW22-10-2K Digital Potentiometer 2W 2Kohm